Of stadiums and suckers…

I saw a lovely item in the Star Tribune this morning: Minneapolis to cover Target Center losses

What makes this headline so particularly ironic is that not even a month ago the local Major League Baseball team successfully lobbied the state legislature to build them a new stadium. How is it that in the clamor to give some millionaires a new toy things like the status of the old toys somehow gets shuffled under the rug? So we’re going to pay money to keep the Timberwolves venue running for them. We’re going to pay a LOT of money to build the Twins a new stadium. We’re going to pay another huge chunk of money to build a new stadium for the University of Minnesota. And we’re going to have the albatross of the metrodome that will sink further and further into disrepair as the city can’t afford to maintain it because we have all of these other money hungry projects.


My favorite quote from the article?

“It is very difficult for a market of our size to support these two venues,”

And adding two more even larger venues to this already oversaturated entertainment market will do what exactly? Oh yeah, cost us more to maintain and strain budgets for programs that actually have measurable public benefit.

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