Snow still lying around at Byerly’s

For those who are local, that might be a bit of surprise given the total melt that has been going on for the last week, but in this case I’m referring to one of my favorite new sodas. It’s been around at Kowalski’s (though hard to find the couple of times that I tried) for a couple of months, but look around the drinks cooler in the deli section of your local Byerly’s (confirmed at the Roseville store, as the open bottle in front of me can attest) or possibly Lund’s and you’ll sure to hit pure clean Snow. Great stuff.

I actually first got to try a bottle when I went skiing at Welch Village with a friend in January. They happened to have it in the cafeteria, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Yes, it’s peppermint flavored, but for those who grew up on flavored “sodas” that are sometimes better used as paint thinner, you will likely be very pleasantly surprised.

If only it didn’t cost $1.99 a bottle.