When old machines start to get alsheimers…


Due to recurring issues with my server here at home I have decided that it’s time to replace it. I looked at the various options for doing so, and while I had hoped I could wait another 6 months, I’m going to replace my primary machine and cascade things down the line. That means that the venerable Gateway P3-500 is going to be replaced by the BYOB P3-700 over the course of the next 3 days.

I’m starting at the top end and working my way down since the server does appear to be at least functional for a few days before it starts attempting to slash it’s own wrists.

What this means for you: The server may be up or down at any moments notice given the problems I’ve been having with it. I will try to reboot it as needed, but if it goes down 5 minutes after I leave for work in the morning, it isn’t getting rebooted till I get home that night.

However, by the time I go to bed on Wednesday night (11/7/2005), the system will have been transplanted and everything should be fine.

I’m really sorry for any inconvenience, and I’ll try and keep things as stable as I can.

–The Management

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