Introducing Nate’s Rants dot com!

Introducing Nate’s Rants dot com

So I got this email the other day (Reprinted without permission):

I am so thankful that I’m not afraid of handbags, or that threat might have actually been, well, okay, not scary at all even then.

So, to You are such an idiot. Just to make commentary on how much of an idiot you are, I registered just to piss you off more. The particular page you ran across titled Nate’s Rants has been around since at least 1998 and your pissant whining (which aren’t even as readable as my pissant whining) isn’t even maintained well enough to call a site. Here’s a thought: Maybe you should spend more time worrying about whether your site looks like complete and utter crap or not. (And this from someone who’s site does not look particularly good)

Grow up and fuck off.

Oh, and a tip: If you are going to send threatening email, at least get someone with a couple of brain cells to spell check it so you don’t look like quite as much of a total and complete idiot.

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