I brought a sample bottle into work and shared it …

I brought a sample bottle into work and shared it around a bit. A friend decided to try an experiment and just added more sugar directly to his sample and stirred it up and the result was great!

I still think there’s a bit too much yeast, but sugar is definitely the next problem to work out. My brewing buddy mentioned that doing a combination of the corn sugar we used along with something else might not be a bad idea, and I have to agree, though I think that the next batch I’m just going to double the corn sugar and see where it goes from there.

Of course this lends very well to thinking about not going with regular sugars at all and instead using something like sucralose to keep carbonation from ever getting out of hand as well..

So, the important numbers that I’ve figured out so far:

  • 1 cup sugar per gallon for carbonation
  • 1 cup sugar per gallon for sweetener
  • 60 hours carbonation time

I’m very tempted to do another batch this weekend, but there is the problem that we’re leaving the country on Thursday of that week for 10 days. Or maybe that’s perfect since I won’t be around to fiddle with things at all while the yeast settles and the flavor sets.