Oh, and I got more birthday presents a couple of w…

Oh, and I got more birthday presents a couple of weekend’s ago, and one of them was from my In-Law’s who had made a trip up to a home-brew place and bought a bunch of supplies, including a brew pail with spigot, racking cane and tubing, some Gnome extracts, and a case of bottles!

Quite nice of them all told, though I think I’ll only be able to use the pail for non-root beer brewing given how badly it contaminates everything.

Logged into the Northern Brewer Forum’s for the fi…

Logged into the Northern Brewer Forum’s for the first time in too long and ran across a Root Beer thread!

Hopefully something comes of my replies to it.

In the meantime, I haven’t gotten around to the yeast test yet. Busy, and lack of motivation. Possibly mixed with some fear of more failure. Hopefully this weekend though.

In the meantime, I did get this link out of that forum thread that is worth reading.

What a weekend! The party on Saturday went really …

What a weekend! The party on Saturday went really well and we drank a LOT of good soda and it seemed like everyone got a nice sugar buzz going for most of the evening. Thankfully there were only a couple of flavors that were, er, unpalatable.

Unfortunately among them was one of the Journey Foods root beer flavors: Shenandoah Sassafras Root Beer. The problem is not that they use Star Anise as one of the ingredients, it’s that they used a LOT of Star Anise as one of the ingredients. The first comment from someone who tried it was, “Tastes like raisins.” Not that raisins are a bad thing, but it was just a very off taste and not very pleasant.

The other unsuccessful one was the Steap line of sodas. All of them are based on Green Tea, which doesn’t sound like a bad thing until you taste one. Ick. Someone said that their sweetie might like them and so took the rest home to see what happens. Good riddance and I hope they get some enjoyment out of them. I did try both the Cola and the Root Beer and both were pretty disgusting.

OTOH – on the good advice of someone close, I found some Sangria flavored Mexican sodas that were quite good. One of them was mostly grape soda flavored, but the other actually tasted like good sangria, but without the alcohol. [Now I just have to get around to calling her today after I didn’t get a chance to this last weekend like I was supposed to. :-( ] Another really pleasant surprise was the Journey Foods Carribean Creme Soda, which had a very nice flavor of toasted coconut. It tempered the usual oversweet flavor of cream soda very well and was a big hit. I’ll have to stock that in the fridge more often.

I didn’t end up getting either the Boylan’s or the 1919, but I think I more than made up for it with the rest of the selection. I’ll post a link to the picture I took of the entire selection arrayed on the dining room table. The chicken curry turned out really well too (though needed a touch more salt) thanks to the lesson on using chicken thigh meat instead of breast meat I learned a few weeks ago in Chicago.

I’ll try and come up with a revised list of the stuff that I actually did end up getting later this week.

So I’m having a little party thing on Saturday nig…

So I’m having a little party thing on Saturday night (5/24/2003) and I’m putting together a bunch of odd and interesting soda’s to get. The list so far:

If anyone wants to drop by, let me know. I’ll be serving Chicken Curry at ~7pm.

Listening to the Empire Brass album Braggin’ In Br…

Listening to the Empire Brass album Braggin’ In Brass it’s really obvious what the difference between technically well executed jazz, and really good jazz is. Unfortunately, this is only an example of technically well executed jazz. It’s good to listen to, but it just sounds so clean and sterile. Good jazz to me is anything but sterile, and work by similar instrumentation such as Big Mama Digdown’s is Great jazz. There is so much substance and spirit behind the performance that it makes such a huge difference in the overall quality.

There’s another update coming to the Lindows.com u…

There’s another update coming to the Lindows.com unsubscribe saga, but first this:

I actually used the word “practical” in the same sentence as “Religous Studies” and “Philosophy”, and I was not under any outside influence, nor was I being sarcastic. What an odd experience.

The specific context was in reference to Huston Smith as follows:

He’s more into the practical aspects of religion so his background is in Religious Studies and Philosophy.

Speaking of Huston Smith, I have finally finished reading The World’s Religions and can unequivocally state that it is the best material I have ever seen about various major religions. Really amazingly well put together, and I really like his approach and enthusiasm for the topic. Very highly recommended reading for just about anyone.

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Oh, this is just so…. well, after sending off th…

Oh, this is just so…. well, after sending off that last message I got a reply back fairly quickly:

From: feedback@lindows.com
Subject: Lindows.com Autoresponse

We’re sorry, but your email has not reached anyone at Lindows.com (this is an automated message).

It appears you are trying to contact our support team.

For support issues, please visit http://support.lindows.com (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) where you can access our knowledge base with hundreds of FAQ’s. If you don’t find your particular issue and you still need to contact someone at Lindows.com, there is an area at http://support.lindows.com where you can e-mail our support staff.

Thank you,

Please bear in mind that the message specifically said to reply to this address. Well, I think we can get a pretty good idea of exactly how much they care about the feedback, eh? I think I’ll go ahead and forward this on to Mr Michael Robertson. After all, they should at least know that their feedback system is completely screwed up.

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I read the most recent Michael’s Minutes from Lind…

I read the most recent Michael’s Minutes from Lindows.com this morning. What a complete load of tripe. I have now unsubscribed from all of their mailings, and when I got the cancellation confirmation it mentioned that if I was unsubscribing because I was dissatisfied I should send them some feedback. So I did:

The cancellation confirmation message that was sent after I had removed my address from your mailing lists suggested that if I was unsubing because I was dissatisfied I should send a message here.

Well, I unsubscribed from your mailing lists when I got done reading the most recent Michael’s Minute. It has been a long time since I’ve seen such irrational scribbling from someone that has the ear of so many people. While I agree that the current DRM solutions that are being offered are far from perfect, they are a step forward and should be recognized as such rather than spouting off lies, myths, and half-truths in order to build some theoretical market share. The last time that I read a tirade of that quality of information was when I decided to peruse a mailing from a particularly egregiously fundamentalist preacher.

I am sorry to think that I have wasted time actually reading his previous missives.

I honestly do hope that the countersuit they are running against Microsoft wins and that Microsoft is no longer able to use the word Windows as a trademark, but other than that I can’t see how a company with a CEO of such magnificent public stupidity will do anything but be a damaging force for his supposedly righteous causes.

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