Progress Report

Progress Report
Recipie Number: 1.0
Batch Number: 1
Stage: Carbonation
Elapsed Time: 35 hours

After looking up that tidbit about the foam rings, I went down to check the bottles again to see how things are going. The good news is that the foam rings are gone! In it’s place is a very slight ring of what is obviously sassafras sediment. Also, the color is becoming a little more amber than orange and is much less cloudy with some obvious, but few, flecks of sassafras floating around in it. The bottom appears to have developed quite a layer of sediments which look to be mostly yeast and sassafras. Thank goodness for bottle brushes. I think that I’m going to open the first bottle at 8pm (the 45 hour mark) to check carbonation so I have plenty of time to taste and post. I’ve got my big A&W mug in the freezer already so it should be ready for the inaugural tasting. I might have to invest in some more good glass mugs if this goes well.

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