Progress Report

Progress Report
Recipie Number: 1.0
Batch Number: 1
Stage: Carbonation
Elapsed Time: 10 hours

Checked the bottles in the box and things appear to be going very well. The color of the liquid is an orange/amber and is fairly cloudy with slightly pronounced particulate in the solution. There is a partial ring of foam at the top of the solution, and I’m hoping that’s not too bad a sign. From what I remember that is a fairly common symptom, but I don’t remember of what. I suppose we’ll just have to find out. I’m going to leave them in the kitchen through to the end of the carbonation stage as the basement is actually colder than it was last night. Betsy had suggested putting them near the boiler or the furnace, except that Abby’s furnace is set pretty low since she’s out of town and our boiler was cool to the touch so I don’t think those ideas will help overly much. I imagine if we did get a dorm fridge down there, putting the carbonating bottles near that would take care of the heat issue, and in the summer it does get closer to 70F so it will probably be quite good conditions.

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