So I did get my Fossil Wrist PDA on Friday, and I …

So I did get my Fossil Wrist PDA on Friday, and I am a very, very happy little geek indeed. It comes with 4 different watch faces and I’m happy to see that some people online are already toying with it and there are a couple of mods already available. The one that I currently have selected has nice large numbers for the time and the date running around the outside corners.

It is HUGE. It’s the biggest watch I’ve seen in a long time, but I think it’s worth it. Besides the size, here are the other limitations that I’ve found:

  • No waterproofing besides basic “the rain won’t kill it”. No leaving this bugger on while I’m doing the dishes!
  • The button presses are a little slow and it takes a couple of seconds to bring up my calender.
  • It’s a little too easy to accidentally press the enter button while trying to navigate.
  • The only band that’s available (and looks to be the only one ever available from the shape and other aspects of the watch) is plastic which makes me sweat quite a bit.

I had been thinking that the other detractor was that it did not have a backlight, but I was completely wrong. I just must have missed that page in the manual.

I am also having a problem with it not recognizing my selected business card when I’m syncing to the watch, but I’m thinking that may have to do with some mods to Address+ that my phone module makes. I’m going to try syncing without my phone installed later today and see if it fixes it.

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